Friday, November 14, 2008

Buy enough Neiman Marcus pajamas for all women in the years A.D. to blog in

For the price of the Iraq War, we could've bought enough Neiman Marcus pajamas for all women born since 1 AD to wear while blogging.

TV host Rachel Maddow has cited Sarah Palin's contribution to spreading the meme that blogging is often done in pajamas.  Extrapolating from Population Research Bureau data suggests that 30 billion women were born since 1 AD.  A set of leopard-print cotton pajamas costs $100 at Neiman Marcus, the store from which Sarah Palin's family acquired $150,000 of clothes during her run for the vice-presidency.  At this price, we could've bought leopard-print cotton pajamas for all women since 1 AD for $3 trillion, which is Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes' estimate for the total cost of the Iraq War.