Saturday, October 18, 2008

Buy every donkey in the world a BMW Z4

For the price of the Iraq War, we could've bought every donkey in the world a fully loaded 2008 BMW Z4 convertible.  

There are around 44 million donkeys on earth.  The BMW Z4 convertible costs $52,400 fully loaded.   Buying each donkey a BMW Z4 would cost $2.31 trillion, or $690 billion less than than Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes' estimate of $3 trillion for the total cost of the Iraq War.

Image used under a Creative Commons License from sheeshoo.

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James said...

This blog has lost its plot, in my humble opinion. Didn't it, once upon time, start off by demonstrating all those *useful* things we could have done with the money wasted on the Iraq war? Like, buy everyone in the U.S. a hybrid car? After all, this is what gave the blog its name, no? But now all you write about is cars for donkey, border fences made from marshmallows, the world's pistachio harvest. I mean, c'mon.